Geardown promotes the ethical pursuit of waterfowl and strives to contribute to the conservation of waterfowl and wetland habitat.

About Us  At Geardown waterfowl, we strive to get an "up close, Geardown, take em," experience. Nothing is more exciting than a goose or duck locked for landing in front of you and at Geardown Waterfowling, that close waterfowling encounter is exactly what we strive for. Our main focus is mallards and big Canadas. In the early season we get into wood ducks and in the late season we enjoy the diver ducks for a fast and unforgettable hunt.

 Fields - the majority of our hunts are focused in the never ending countryside of hay, wheat, beans and corn fields. Scouting, scouting, and more scouting is the first key to success as we are continually checking fields and keeping track of bird movement and feeding locations.  This means we can pinpoint and predict the most advantageous locations to set up a hunt, be it field, river or over big bodies of water.

Location - Based mainly out of St Mary's, Ontario we are strategically located in crop rich agricultural farmland.  Excellent waterfowl habitat and extensive corn and grain feeding opportunities attracts and holds both resident geese and James Bay migratory geese in massive numbers.  Ducks also accumulate en masse offering great hunting opportunities as they make their way south.

Blinds - Early season we utilize the comfortable cover of standing corn.  As the crops come off, we turn to the ambush style of the camofluaged layout blinds.  This is a very exciting way to hunt, as pockets are created strategically within the decoys directly in front of the blinds, encouraging birds to land within very close vicinity of the hidden gunners.

Water hunts are conducted in several ways.  We have established permanent blinds in various water habitats, including marshes, flooded timber, creeks and rivers.  Other times waders are used and natural cover utilized at good ambush points, on days where we move to the birds.  Early season we often focus on fields and later season move to the water, but it is always dependant on time of year, weather, and waterfowl activity.


Whether you are looking to experience waterfowl hunting for the first time or you are a seasoned hunter Gear Down works hard to ensure your hunt is safe, action packed and memorable with plenty of shooting opportunities. An experience unlike anything else!


Great is the joy found in the pursuit of waterfowl; be it field, river, marsh or open water.

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