W A T E R F O W L   C O N S E R V A T I O N 

 At Geardown, waterfowl conservation is a major priority and we are proud of the contributions we have made both in the field and through our support and membership with Ducks Unlimited.   

We have erected five hen houses this year where we feel predation on nests has been at a high in the last few years. When the hen house is put into place we add a predator guard on the pole so nothing can climb up and disturb the nest, allowing the ducks to safely lay and hatch their eggs. We are currently monitoring 3 of the hen houses we put up this year in our area and have seen a number of mallards hanging around them. 


 We work mainly on three conservation areas under the sponsorship of Ducks Unlimited. As well, we put up our own wood duck nest boxes along other rivers and streams in our area once we gain permission from the landowner.

 Below: A picture of a new Geardown nest box just put up this year.

Right: The view looking over the pond.


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