T  U  R  K  E  Y    H  U  N  T  I  N  G

Here at Geardown Waterfowling we have another passion and that is for Wild Turkey hunting.Our Wild Turkey numbers are very solid and steadily increasing, and there is no shortage of mature Toms in our area. With well managed areas and careful harvests, we ensure our numbers will not be hurt. Our tactics include mobile ambush, calling set ups, spot and stalk, and calling set ups in blinds and over decoys.  Scouting is of utmost importance to keep track of turkey movement.  We have a vast array of properties to hunt with prime turkey habitat offering feed, cover and good, overall turkey numbers.  Hunting cagey wild turkeys requires patience and extreme attention to detail.  We pride ourselves in fine turkey calling and only use the finest hand turned and hand tuned calls made by Gobblestalker Calls right here in Ontario. 

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